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Back in Action

I haven’t been around lately. Brew Review got off to an awesome start and then fizzled as a result of complete slacking (both in drinking new beers and writing). I have about 12 half-finished posts but can’t seem to find the words to conclude them.

My life is weird lately. Or it always is, but the weirdness and complexities and lack of direction have been much easier for me to see lately. Either way, it seems like just when I think things are going the way I’d like or I’m getting into a routine things immediately change or I unconsciously self-sabotage whatever thing I’ve been building. Like my latest foray into running, I’ve run more (and longer) races this year than I ever have before but I haven’t run in almost 3 weeks at this point and can’t convince myself that I should. And then there’s this space, which I felt like I was getting a real handle on and ready to take it to the next level with weekly features and more posts and possibly self-hosting and cool designs and whatnot, and then didn’t write for more than two months.

A lot of times I feel like writing but more times than not I convince myself that I don’t have time right now or I should be going to bed or working or doing dishes or that if I stare at a computer screen for another 20 minutes today, I might lose my vision or my mind.

But here I am deciding to be back. Deciding that it’s the right thing to do for my sanity and my career and myself. Deciding to make this space better and to create time for it. Doni’s latest newsletter has inspired me to make writing and posting and sharing things that I have to say a priority. And to make it easier for myself to write whenever I can.

And that’s where you come in, not only do I want to write more here, but anywhere. Not only do I want to do social media and web content for fun and as a part of my job, I want to do it as my whole job or my side gig or my volunteer position because this is where I think I’m headed, although I know the universe finds plans (especially mine) utterly hilarious.

Regardless, this is me putting it out there on the internet (like my favorite wizard-panda Amber recommends) that anyone who wants this kind of help or needs an unpaid intern or a volunteer or a guest post or just someone to send crazy emails to or knows anyone that does, then let me know.

What have I been doing since July, you ask? Let’s see, infused some bourbon, went to San Diego, drank a habanero IPA, ate a lot of Pizza Port, found out how many craft breweries exist in San Diego and decided I never wanted to leave, came home anyway, pined for living near the ocean and riding a beach cruiser again, got a promotion-ish, hired an employee, ate all the wrong things, continued to wish I lived somewhere else, drank a lot of whiskey, ran a couple 10k races and kicked off our nine-month busy season at work.

So basically, nothing of note unless you count the part where my new favorite beers are any beers made with hot peppers. Or maybe the part where I might have a drinking problem.


Luck O’ the Irish?

Oddly enough, I had already started writing about luck when I got my first prompt from Doniree’s 52 Weeks of Blogging Prompts, which I can already tell will be just plain awesome. The prompt talked about whether we believe in luck or something else? And asked us to talk about time when we truly felt lucky and how that experience has influenced our lives. So thanks to Doni for reading my mind and also getting me to finish this post.

You know what people talk about a lot? Luck. (And not just because horses are dying on HBO) You make your own luck. Luck is what you make of it. Diligence is the mother of good luck. Everyone has a different opinion on whether luck is truly its own phenomenon or purely the result of preparation and hard work.

I’m not sure I entirely believe in luck. Sure, I wish people good luck all the time and say thank you when they do the same to me, but I think that maybe what we’re really trying to say is, “I know you’re going to do great” or “I’m confident you’re going to try your best” or, at the very least, “I’ll still like you even if you don’t do your best.”

But what makes it luck as opposed to just preparation and confidence? Is it luck when you win the lottery or get the right bounce on the buzzer beater? Or is that just having the right odds or pure physics? Is it luck when you realize that the life decisions you’ve made have led you to have the best friends or the most awesome job? Or just coincidence?

I can’t remember a time when I truly felt lucky. Maybe that’s because I’ve never really believed in luck (but didn’t realize it until now). I might have said something like, “I’m so lucky to have gotten that job” or “I’m so lucky to have met you guys” but I think what I really mean is I’m glad.

So, maybe I don’t believe in luck. Luck can make it seem as though you didn’t work hard to get to the point where you could hit that buzzer beater or get that job. But I do believe in happiness and believing that you deserve the good things that come to you. And that’s enough for me.

Sidenote: you can and should get in on Doni’s blogging prompts if you’re a blogger by clicking on the ad in the sidebar. Or if you’re a blogger or not, check out her other prompts because she’s great and they will be excellent for inspiring some awesome blog posts, vlogs, tweets, journal entries or shower thinking. 

One Extraordinary Joyous Life

So you guys, months ago (September) I took advantage of Molly’s awesome deal on Stratejoy’s Joy Juice prompts because I wanted to do some introspection and sort out my life a bit. So, since Sept. 20, I’ve been receiving prompts every three days to help spur my personal growth. It’ s so great.

Except for the part where I haven’t started. Sure, I glance at the prompts and once I even created a new google doc to start writing.

But I didn’t.

Why? Don’t I want to create one extraordinary, joyous life? Wasn’t the whole point that I wanted help sorting out all the things inside my head, both crazy and awesome? Didn’t I want to sort out what to do next? Wasn’t the idea of being able to share at least a few of my writings, part of the reason I started blogging again?

I could make the excuse that I got too busy. That working weird hours and sitting in front of a computer all day makes me hate doing it again at home. But both of those are lies. If I found time to watch FIVE seasons of Doctor Who (did I mention that ThinkGeek is one of the #BiSC sponsors? eeeeeee!), I could have found time to write every few days. If I really hated getting on my computer at home, I wouldn’t be so obsessed with twitter and reading blogs and everything else on the internet.

So I’m just going to admit it, maybe I wasn’t ready to sort out all that stuff yet. Maybe introspection was too much for me to handle at the time. Maybe there’s a lot of scary shit up in my head, y’all, and I don’t want to think about it, let alone come to terms with it.

But now, I think I’m ready. So be prepared to possibly see some deep shit in this place. But only once in a while, when I feel like it’s worth sharing. And if you don’t start seeing it, get on my case guys. I don’t want to stay in the stagnant, icky place that I’ve been in for too long now and I’m ready to figure out myself so I can figure out my next step. Plus, among my 2012 goals are three things that Joy Juice can help me accomplish: write more, blog more and finish all the prompts.

So here we go…