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The Brew Review: Three

This is The Brew Review: a new beer review every week. I may not be a beer expert but I think I’ve had enough cerveza to be able to give you an honest opinion and some ideas for great beers to try. 

Underworld Brewing American Style IPA

underworld IPA collage

I’m a sucker for cool labels. Also, check out my kick ass bottle opener!

Brew: Underworld Brewing American Style IPA
India Pale Ale (American Style?)
22 oz. bottle
About $3 per bottle

This week’s brew was one I bought randomly at the local Fresh & Easy market because it was cheap and I needed some beer in my life. Upon further investigation (looking at the bottle), I found that Underworld Brewing is owned by Rhinelander Brewery and really has no presence anywhere on the web, other than being reviewed by people like myself. Not sure what that means but I tried it anyway.

As is often the case, I picked out this one based on the label art (who doesn’t love a good rendering of Cerberus?) which is pretty sweet. This IPA is medium brown and has a mildly hoppy, light citrusy scent. My first impression is that it has the classic IPA taste but without the strong bite you find with most other IPAs. The finish is smooth but the whole taste is kind of lacking.

It’s not to say that this isn’t a decent beer, but decent is exactly how I’d describe it. There isn’t anything particularly remarkable about the taste or the brew, which might explain why there isn’t much about the brewery or its beers anywhere to be found.

Verdict: I am pretty indifferent about this beer, which is never a good sign. Is it a beer that tastes kind of like an IPA? Yes. Would I recommend it to anyone who wants to drink a good IPA? No. I might recommend it to someone trying to wade their way into IPAs but not really to anyone else. All in all I was pretty unimpressed. Sometimes the cost is directly related to the quality of the beer. Note to self: cool label art does not always equal delicious beer.

In other brew news: While we’re talking about things you probably shouldn’t drink, BeerUniverse shares that Coors Light is coming out with Coors Light Iced Tea, which (thanks to its acronym…waaaaait for it…yup) is gaining momentum as a running joke on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise indicated, beers reviewed were purchased  by me (or my friends) and were in no way sponsored by the brewery or any retailer. If any brewery wants to give me free beer, they should feel free to contact me.