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Kicking Ass and Taking Names

So, yesterday I bought a pair of pink pants. And cut 6 inches off my hair. And got hit on by a guy who worked at an AT&T store for the second time in about a month. Things are getting weird around here.

I would like to blame it on the weather and the season changing. Summer is right in my wheelhouse. But this time I don’t think it’s just that. Things are changing and I’m forcing them to change. I’m making a concerted effort to make my life better and happier. More yelling excitedly and less ragey ranting. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

I’ve been restless for months, a year even. Everyone around me knows it. The more restless I get, the more I start talking about doing over-the-top things like shaving my head or flipping my desk, quitting my job and moving to an island. This time instead of just talking about change, though, I’m doing it. If there’s one thing (there are WAY more) I learned from Molly at Stratejoy during our six weeks in the Find Your Passion Work group, it’s that you can’t let fear stand in your way.

All of this has been building. In January, I told myself to ignore the anxiety that goes along with registering to spend a weekend in another city with people you don’t know. And now, in less than 48 hours, I’ll be a rookie at Bloggers in Sin City finally meeting the people I’ve been talking to on the internet, some of whom I’ve “known” for years. The people who made me want to blog in the first place and the people who keep me from having to find all funny animal things on the internet myself. Basically ALL THE EXCITEMENT AND YELLING!

In March, I emailed Molly hoping that I could snag the last spot in the FYPW group and I’m so glad that I did. About three weeks ago, I decided to make a big change in my work life and on Tuesday, I’m making my intentions clear about that to my boss. I’m basically a walking ball of panic now, but I know that this change will be good for my sanity, health, attitude and writing. Relatedly, if anyone wants to hire me, I’m good at writing, editing, content management systems, InDesign, social media and dog walking.

Lastly, starting tomorrow and every Wednesday after that, you’ll see a new series I’m starting called “The Brew Review” in which I give myself a productive excuse for drinking more beer. A new brew every week with some info and review from yours truly. Gladly accepting suggestions for microbrews and foreign beers to try!

So here I am. I feel like I’m on the precipice. As Steve Zissou put it, “I’m right on the edge. I don’t know what comes next.” It’s exciting. And terrifying. And the only good way to start the summer.

What are you on the verge of? What comes next for you? Are you as excited about summer as I am?


Checking In

So, I have about 10 partially completed drafts on here but I have just not had the time or interest to write after doing it all day at work lately. This is not a good sign and it kind of makes me irritated with myself. Regardless, I just want to check in because the weather is getting warmer, we’re only 29 (TWENTY-NINE!) days until Bloggers in Sin City (can you tell I’m starting to get excited?) and tonight my weird life continued and I’m feeling inspired.

Lately I’ve been trying to work on me. Mainly, working with Molly at Stratejoy and the rest of the AWESOME Tuesday Find Your Passion Work group to figure out what my next step might be. I’m finding out so much about myself and can’t wait to figure out what it means about my passion work. Things have also gotten complicated at work and pretty soon I’m going to be forced to figure out if I’m going to stay there with some changes happening or just take the leap and try to change careers. So basically I’m excited and anxious and restless all at the same time.

In other news, the weather is starting to warm up and you can smell summer in the air. My friend Jamie once said to me, “Summer is your season. I can tell, you’re just so happy.” For me summer is the time for adventures, barbecues, sunshine, slow season at work, the beach, day drinking, bare feet, music, free time and roadtrips. It truly is my season and as I continue this work I’ve been doing with my Stratejoy group, I’m starting to realize it might be hard for me to tell the difference between work being better and the season making me happy.

For some reason (likely The Nicole Effect), I realized about a month ago that I’m signed up to RUN two races next week. On Sunday, Anna and I are taking on our first 10k and then Thursday I FINALLY get to meet my first fellow BiSC-uit when Katherine, Anna and I run (walk?) a 5k at Sac State. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost it. Relatedly, Anna and I have gotten so busy at work over the last two weeks we’ve run a combined three(?) times, so basically, we’re ready. In the end, we figure we’re always lapping the people on the couch and also we’re all for setting the bar reeeeeeeeeal low for the future.

Speaking of being fit, tonight Anna and I took my roommate out to dinner for her birthday. Since the soul food (read: fried) place was closed, we opted for the only other option: the mac & cheese restaurant (seriously, everyone please come to Oakland and eat mac & cheese with us at Homeroom). While there, we managed to get the most attractive server in the place (who was also wearing a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt) and basically drooled all over him the entire time. Then, when we got the check, I realized we had been wrong and the server WAS, in fact, the same server who we gave my number to about a year ago. He also WAS the same guy who actually did text me and later call me to hang out. And he WAS the guy who invited me to a Punks vs. Hipsters Fight Night (read: BEST) at a local motorcycle club, but, not wanting to go meet a stranger alone, I declined. Despite all of these realizations, Anna decided he probably didn’t remember me either and left a note and my number for him AGAIN. Basically, my friends really are the best, so I’ll keep everyone posted on that one.

Last thing I’ll report is that we’re going to see Childish Gambino for the second time in a year tomorrow night. Among the many reasons that I’m excited about this: Childish Gambino is fucking clever, I’d like to have his babies, the Fox Theater is awesome and I have plans after work two nights in a row. Clearly summer is in the air y’all.

So, what have you been up to? What are you excited about? Do you LOVE summer as much as I do?

One Extraordinary Joyous Life

So you guys, months ago (September) I took advantage of Molly’s awesome deal on Stratejoy’s Joy Juice prompts because I wanted to do some introspection and sort out my life a bit. So, since Sept. 20, I’ve been receiving prompts every three days to help spur my personal growth. It’ s so great.

Except for the part where I haven’t started. Sure, I glance at the prompts and once I even created a new google doc to start writing.

But I didn’t.

Why? Don’t I want to create one extraordinary, joyous life? Wasn’t the whole point that I wanted help sorting out all the things inside my head, both crazy and awesome? Didn’t I want to sort out what to do next? Wasn’t the idea of being able to share at least a few of my writings, part of the reason I started blogging again?

I could make the excuse that I got too busy. That working weird hours and sitting in front of a computer all day makes me hate doing it again at home. But both of those are lies. If I found time to watch FIVE seasons of Doctor Who (did I mention that ThinkGeek is one of the #BiSC sponsors? eeeeeee!), I could have found time to write every few days. If I really hated getting on my computer at home, I wouldn’t be so obsessed with twitter and reading blogs and everything else on the internet.

So I’m just going to admit it, maybe I wasn’t ready to sort out all that stuff yet. Maybe introspection was too much for me to handle at the time. Maybe there’s a lot of scary shit up in my head, y’all, and I don’t want to think about it, let alone come to terms with it.

But now, I think I’m ready. So be prepared to possibly see some deep shit in this place. But only once in a while, when I feel like it’s worth sharing. And if you don’t start seeing it, get on my case guys. I don’t want to stay in the stagnant, icky place that I’ve been in for too long now and I’m ready to figure out myself so I can figure out my next step. Plus, among my 2012 goals are three things that Joy Juice can help me accomplish: write more, blog more and finish all the prompts.

So here we go…