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The Brew Review: Four

This is The Brew Review: a new beer review every week. I may not be a beer expert but I think I’ve had enough cerveza to be able to give you an honest opinion and some ideas for great beers to try. 

Stone Brewing Co. Ruination IPA

Stone Ruination IPA

Hello lovely!

Brew: Stone Brewing Ruination IPA
Imperial/Double India Pale Ale
7.7% ABV, 100+ IBUs
22 oz. bottle
About $6 per bottle

I’m back in the brew game (not that I ever left) and this week’s brew is bringing this feature back with a bang! Last night I sat down for a delightful evening with Stone Brewing Company’s Ruination IPA. Stone is one of my favorite breweries and not just because they are located in the San Diego area. You may recognize them from their Arrogant Bastard brews or because they’ve been around for 16 years. I like them because they make great beers, give a ton of money to charity, have made efforts to become more sustainable and are just generally awesome (not to mention super-active on social media). 

Anyway, after a particularly frustrating day at work there was nothing I wanted more than to sit down with a delicious beer and some dinner. I’m sure no one has ever thought it was a good idea to pair an egg scramble with beer but I did it anyway because I’m anti-grocery shopping or possibly just lazy. Regardless, the food wasn’t what was important here.

The Ruination was a nice golden color with a very hoppy smell (my favorite). The taste is all bitterness and hops with a touch of citrus to keep things light and smooth. The best part comes in the finish, which is clean and bitter and lingers for what seems like forever (or until you take another sip). This brew is basically unstoppable and definitely kept me wanting more.

Verdict: Probably one of my favorite double IPAs of all time. The lingering finish just serves as a reminder that you want to drink more. Extra bitter and all-around delicious, Ruination is perfect if you are as obsessed with IPAs as me. From the moment I popped off the top and was hit with the super hoppy aroma, I was hooked. Next time (assuming I actually hit the grocery store), I’ll pair it with something much bolder to match Ruination’s dominant taste: something spicy like jambalaya, curried chicken, jalapeño poppers or some really strong cheese (I’m drooling just thinking about these things).

Related: In case you aren’t the type of person to just sit down and drink 22 oz. of beer by yourself on a Tuesday, then you should definitely try this Garlic, Cheddar and Stone Ruination soup that sounds awesome but I haven’t made yet because I can’t ever convince myself not to drink a whole bottle. So if someone does make it, let me know how it turns out!

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise indicated, beers reviewed were purchased  by me (or my friends) and were in no way sponsored by the brewery or any retailer. If any brewery wants to give me free beer, they should feel free to contact me.