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I’m Probably Losing My Mind

Originally this post took a serious “woe is me” tone about how shitty 2012 has been so far and how I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But then something changed and I’m ready to kick 2012 in the ass and possibly also pay attention to my desktop background that stares me in the face every day on BOTH my computers: “Happiness is a choice. Be happy or be miserable. The distance is the same.” (thanks Shatterboxx!)

I’m not saying I’m all happy sunshine and puppies and meadows and rainbows and unicorns yet. So far 2012 has been kind of a bitch to me. I know this is all very “first world problems” of me but, so far the new year has been: getting yelled at like a child in the workplace, being pulled back into the cruel grips of insomnia, laying in a ball on my bed due to some serious stomach distress, dragging myself to work and a lingering cough rearing its ugly head every time I laugh.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the mouse. If you’ve been following along on twitter, there’s a mouse in our apartment. I’ve set out traps now after meeting the mouse twice yesterday. It’s been over 24 hours and we have no dead rodents. Now I’m starting to think that the mouse might be a figment of my imagination. My roommate hasn’t been here when I’ve seen it, it seemed to vanish into thin air in my kitchen yesterday and also, did you hear, it’s NOT. DEAD. YET. So in addition to my other problems, I may be going all John Nash on y’all. And unfortunately the state’s budget shortfall has been closing down all the best mental wards.

UPDATE: I am not crazy. Or at least, there was a mouse. In the trap this morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t really think about how the implications of me not being crazy would be that I would have to deal with a dead mouse instead of hallucinations. But, after a slightly traumatizing removal experience, I have conquered the mouse and solidified my future as a building super.

I swear I had a point. Oh yeah, even though the first three two weeks of this year (only two weeks? WHAT?) have been basically one shitstorm after another, I’ve decided to move on. Even though the last few weeks have seemed like a dark tunnel with no end and a weird smell, I’ve now got a plan. Or part of a plan.

Anna and I are ready to make some moves and get off the fatass train (the one where you start to look like your couch) and actually signed up for some races today. We’ve got a training plan, an investment in a race and we’re ready to Kick Ass and Take Names. It’s a proper noun because that’s the name of our shared training calendar (not crazy).

So yeah, I’ve started to get one part of my life back under control and I’m ready to get all the other things back together. It’s easy for just a couple people to remind you that things aren’t so bad and that they will get better (another reason why the internet is so, so amazing). On a related note, seriously consider becoming an organ donor, it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give.

So, here I am, ready to climb out of the shithole and into the light of the kickass year that 2012 is going to be. Progress, that’s my word. So it’s about time to get started, don’t you think?


2011: The Laziest Retrospective Ever

I know this is the time where I’m supposed to be looking back on my year and learning lessons, making plans for next year and spouting out inspirational quotes and whatnot. But instead of doing all that, I’m going to be lazy and make a list of my favorite things from this year. No need to dwell on all the crap that it seems we all have been through over the last 365 days. So here are the best things from my 2011.

  • As much as I think weddings can be over the top and ridiculous, my first bridesmaid experience was awesome and I’m so glad I got to see two of my favorite people get hitched (plus there was SEERSUCKER!)
  • My second successfully planned and executed commuter train pub crawl (complete with dead rapper buttons). Plus nobody puked in anyone else’s hand AND I didn’t wake up with a mysterious giant bruise this time
  • Weekend at Bernie’s 3: The Roadtrip. Just when you thought the San Diego Zoo couldn’t get any better, you realized they sell beer.
  • My third trip to NYC, in which I packed an actual suitcase, went to Citi Field, hung out on a roof, ran on the Westside Highway and drank at a place where they actually just “put a bird on it”
  • 4th of July weekend, where we learned that all it takes to mobilize a large group of  guys is finding out that Round Table’s buffet is available on the weekend.
  • Making my way through the Warrior Dash – 5k, 10 obstacles, 1 slightly undignified slide down the front of a climbing wall, 1 visit to the first aid tent and lots of mud and fun
  • Being a good big sister and helping my sisters outfit their first apartment
  • Developing my cooking and baking skills. Big ups to Nicole on that one.
  • My ridiculous dating stories. Favorites because they make good party tales.
  • All of the awesome things and people on the internet. I’ve connected with some amazing new tweeps/bloggers this year and y’all are the best (and share the best cat videos)
  • Starting a new game where I don’t send email to my brother without at least one link to a cat doing something weird on the interwebs
  • Falling in love with my Roku Player (and embracing my geek girl status). It has brought me so many amazing things, including Doctor Who and an even deeper love for Parks and Rec. And yes, I believe this confirms I will die alone. At least I’ll have streaming video on my TV.

And as for 2012? I plan to keep the same resolution I’ve had for the last two years: pants are for suckers (continued props to Rachael for that one)

Happy New Year!

PS – Be safe y’all! There is absolutely no excuse for driving drunk or even tipsy. Especially not when AAA is offering Tipsy Tow in a lot of areas. And if friends won’t listen and hand over their keys, tell them about Britain, who we barely met just weeks ago but made a lasting impression and was killed by a drunk driver. Sleeping in your own bed isn’t worth the risk.