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One Extraordinary Joyous Life

So you guys, months ago (September) I took advantage of Molly’s awesome deal on Stratejoy’s Joy Juice prompts because I wanted to do some introspection and sort out my life a bit. So, since Sept. 20, I’ve been receiving prompts every three days to help spur my personal growth. It’ s so great.

Except for the part where I haven’t started. Sure, I glance at the prompts and once I even created a new google doc to start writing.

But I didn’t.

Why? Don’t I want to create one extraordinary, joyous life? Wasn’t the whole point that I wanted help sorting out all the things inside my head, both crazy and awesome? Didn’t I want to sort out what to do next? Wasn’t the idea of being able to share at least a few of my writings, part of the reason I started blogging again?

I could make the excuse that I got too busy. That working weird hours and sitting in front of a computer all day makes me hate doing it again at home. But both of those are lies. If I found time to watch FIVE seasons of Doctor Who (did I mention that ThinkGeek is one of the #BiSC sponsors? eeeeeee!), I could have found time to write every few days. If I really hated getting on my computer at home, I wouldn’t be so obsessed with twitter and reading blogs and everything else on the internet.

So I’m just going to admit it, maybe I wasn’t ready to sort out all that stuff yet. Maybe introspection was too much for me to handle at the time. Maybe there’s a lot of scary shit up in my head, y’all, and I don’t want to think about it, let alone come to terms with it.

But now, I think I’m ready. So be prepared to possibly see some deep shit in this place. But only once in a while, when I feel like it’s worth sharing. And if you don’t start seeing it, get on my case guys. I don’t want to stay in the stagnant, icky place that I’ve been in for too long now and I’m ready to figure out myself so I can figure out my next step. Plus, among my 2012 goals are three things that Joy Juice can help me accomplish: write more, blog more and finish all the prompts.

So here we go…