Who’s That Girl?

Picnic in Central Park

That's me!

HI EVERYBODY! (Hi Dr. Nick!)

I’m Kelly, a 27-year-old sports PR pro in the SF Bay Area who drinks her wine from a mason jar and does not own an iron. You might remember me from here, but I’ve decided I can handle the burden of non-anonymity (I bet there’s a word for that). Despite my best efforts, I’m still prone to grabbing hot pans with my bare hands and quoting Ron Swanson in business settings. I like to call this my adultolescence “phase.”

Some things you should know about me:

  • if my life were an episode of “Psych,” I would be probably be Gus
  • I probably should have been an entomologist because I like bugs too much for most people’s liking, a feature which makes me handy for spider-removal procedures
  • I’m a total geek and scare/embarrass my friends with my geeky fun facts
  • In the last two months I’ve watched more than 50 episodes of “Doctor Who” and I’m proud to admit that I noticed the blood bag machine at the blood bank sounds like the TARDIS.
  • the only emails I send to my brother are links to videos of cats on the internet
  • I’m a WILDCARD!
  • I may have started blogging again merely so I can go to BISC 2012. I miss Vegas and I love bloggers.

This spot is my new place for telling you about things like: why I’m obsessed with the UK, what happens when you fall in love with a gadget, why a tall boy and some mac & cheese can solve almost any problem in the world and why making music mixes is one of my favorite pastimes.

Let’s have a drink and get weird together! You get the boxed wine, I’ll bring the cans.

Just for fun, these are some of my favorite things on the interwebs:



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