The Brew Review: Debut

So for real this time, every week I’m planning to bring you a new project called The Brew Review because, if you don’t know by now, I heart beer and would love to share my love with you guys. I may not be a beer expert but I think I’ve had enough cerveza to be able to give you an honest opinion and some ideas for great beers to try. If that isn’t enough, this project also gives me an excuse to drink more beer, which is really why I’m doing it. Credit where it’s due, this series is inspired by Katelin’s Wino Wednesday and I can’t thank her enough for the wine reviews and for inspiring me to drink more delicious beer!



Brew: New Belgium Shift
Type: Pale Lager
Receptacle: 16 oz. can
Cost: About $9 for a 4-pack

The first Brew Review beer is from one of my favorite breweries around: New Belgium. In addition to brewing some awesome beers, like Fat Tire, Skinny Dip and Ranger IPA, the company prides itself on being alternatively powered, loving bicycles and being involved in the community. Basically they rule* and one day I’m going to visit the brewery (and hopefully all the others on this map).

Anyway, Anna and I tried Shift while attempting to make pink hair ribbons for a fundraiser. As big IPA and pale ale fans, we figured a pale lager might be a nice change of pace without having to give up our yummy hops. We were right, it was totally refreshing, lighter than a pale ale or IPA, but with a slightly bitter finish. It was like a nice lager with a pale ale kick, thanks to four different kinds of hops.

I honestly don’t remember what we ate with it the first time, but the second time we enjoyed our Shift on a hot Sunday after some serious lounging and pool time. It was the perfect beverage to keep us cool and match up with our Pirate’s Booty snack after a tiring day of relaxing.

top of shift can

“you’ll want one”

All in all, I’d say drink Shift if you’re looking for something crisp that still has a little bite to it. This is one of those beers best served extra cold and in the can, maybe with some chips and salsa or grilled fish.

Have you tried Shift? What’d you think?

Stay tuned next week for MORE BEER! Also, if you have any suggestions for other brews to review, send them my way!

*Despite all my love for New Belgium, I’m not in any way affiliated with or paid by them for this review. I just really like their beer. And the red bicycles. But if you’re from New Belgium and want to give me free beer, I will gladly accept.


4 thoughts on “The Brew Review: Debut

  1. terrabear (@terrabear)

    Oh I so love that you’re doing this. ALL CAPS LOVE IT.
    And Virginia just got New Belgium beers within the past year so people have been going CRAZY for them left and right. It’s pretty amazing.

    1. kelly Post author

      Thanks! Any reason to try more beers, ya know? Also people are still crazy about New Belgium out here but it’s not surprising because they are delicious!


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