Kelly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mood

I’ve been in a bad mood for at least a week. A mood that makes me want to just quit everything and crawl in my bed and just sleep for days until it goes away. At what point do we stop calling it a bad mood and start calling it a state of mind?

Regardless of semantics, this bad mood, bad state of mind, bad attitude is wreaking havoc on my life (and making the people around me crazy, I think). I’m not sure what really got it rolling (although I have a sneaking suspicion  that my job is not helping) but it’s causing me to sit around being pissed off, getting irritated about the smallest things and becoming envious of other people (something I HATE to do). And while I’m doing that I’m letting opportunities pass me by because of my total disinterest in everything.

The problem isn’t really the bad mood anymore (although that is still A problem), it’s that I know I’m in a bad mood and can’t figure out how to fix it. I’ve been running, listening to my pick-me-up tunes, writing, sleeping, thinking, trying to do all the things that usually help, and have come up short.

Despite the fact that my mouth doesn’t naturally form a smile (which causes people to say things like “do you need a hug?” a lot) when I’m not actively smiling, I am generally a positive person. A fun person at least. And yet, here I am stuck in the worst mood and unable to find myself. Stuck being envious of other people. Stuck being the friend who is constantly complaining about work. Stuck showing up to work late because I’m not sleeping or sleeping only when I shouldn’t be. All of which just piss me off even more. I know I have to kick this funk because if I don’t I might end up missing out on something crucial, driving my friends to drink (not too difficult) or possibly eating cereal for dinner for the rest of my life.

How do you get out of an extended bad mood? What are your go-to cheer up moves? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Short of that, maybe just send me some coupons for cereal.

PS- This was supposed to be the day I posted the first of what will be a weekly post coming from Doniree’s 52 Weeks of Blogging Prompts, but I never finished it because I’ve been so disinterested. Anyway, expect that tomorrow and then every Wednesday for the next YEAR, because Doni rules.


One thought on “Kelly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mood

  1. sarafrita

    When I find myself in a bad-mood-rut, I try to mix up my daily routine to shock myself into paying more attention to what’s around me. For example, last year when I was just totally bored and uninterested in life and feeling totally negative and restless, I completely changed my route to work. It was the same length, but I took a bus and a subway rather than two subway lines. The new environment – and having to be alert and aware of my surroundings – tricked my mind into being a little more refreshed.

    The same goes for anything else you might be used to do. Do you run the same amount/same route/same distance for the same number of days every week? Maybe try taking a gym class you’ve never tried, or challenge yourself to run somewhere new, with a new group, etc.

    Is there something you’ve kind of sort of been wanting to try, but convinced yourself it’s not worth it/too hard/out of your reach? Maybe go ahead and try it. Try a new creative release outside of running, perhaps!

    My point in this totally long comment is that for me, when it’s become a complete mental battle of negativity (and being mad about being negative, which is just a vicious cycle), it’s important to trick myself into a more uplifted mood. I hope you get out of the rut soon!!


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