The C Word

Have you heard about the girl with cancer who asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt out on a date in a youtube video? As I’m writing this, 55,000 people have watched the video and it was also featured on E! Online and MSNBC.

Her name is Lindsey Miller. And I know her. Or I knew her. Back when we spent a lot of late nights working at the Daily Nexus at UCSB.

I once drank poorly made mojito out of a pot in her kitchen. I also once more than once drunkenly stood with friends in the driveway outside of her apartment whisper-yelling into her window to see if she was awake (she usually wasn’t). And I think she was there the night of my stupid infamous 21st birthday SoCo drink-off (in the office), although I can’t say for sure (see: SoCo DRINK-OFF).

Though we haven’t been in touch since I graduated and I didn’t know she was sick, seeing her video today and taking a look at her blog about living in the limbo of no prognosis with a disease that is already rare and even rarer in people of her sex and age, made me want to sit down and tell you about it.

Despite the fact that I might have chosen someone else *coughRyanGoslingcough* I applaud her bravery and am inspired by the candidness and strength of her words, both on video and in her blog, in the face of a disease that we invincible 20-somethings aren’t supposed to get.

Having watched too many people I know fight – kicking, screaming, clawing, punching, biting – this shitty disease, sometimes winning and too often losing, I just want to say: FUCK YOU CANCER. You’re a bastard.

So in honor of that sentiment, take a minute to check out Lindsey’s video and blog. And next time someone asks you to donate to *insert cancer research cause here* really consider giving. And if you happen to be big time, pass the video along to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Sure it seems like a long shot, but isn’t that why we’re all here tweeting and blogging and commenting and reading? I’ve seen some amazing things happen from social media and the internet bringing people together and what better purpose than to help someone who totally deserves it out?

As far as I’m concerned, anyone who’s ever offered me mojitos deserves at least that much consideration. Even if the mojito did eventually end up in my side yard.

Good luck Lindsey, as cliché as it is to write, cancer couldn’t have picked a worse enemy. Nobody’s got heart and the ability to overcome things that kill other people like a Gaucho. And thanks for not calling the cops on us when we were outside your window.

PS: To all the asshats who disliked her video and made shitty comments on it and her blog, you have the right to your own opinion, but that was reeeeeeeal cunty and tells me that you are FOR CANCER. Karma will catch up with you.


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