Go Go Gadget Gadgets


If only it were this easy.

Paul: Do you think it’s possible to love two women at once?
Jack: I know it’s possible. But at some point, you have to choose, Paul. You can’t delude yourself with thoughts like, ”Maybe they’d be into a group marriage,” or ”What if I could somehow combine them into one perfect woman, like a s’more you could take a shower with?” -30 Rock, “I Do Do”

Is it possible to be in love with two gadgets at the same time? I know it’s possible. Last year I got a Roku Player. What’s a Roku Player? It’s a magical little device that let’s you watch streaming video from the internet on your TV. Netflix instant? Done. Hulu Plus? Damn straight. Amazon on Demand? Totes. Pandora? Fo sho. YouTube? YouGotIt. This little piece of heaven has brought me the joys of “Doctor Who,” “Top Gear,” “The League” and “Parks and Recreation” any time I want.

I joke (in a very serious way) that my relationship with my Roku is the longest I’ve ever been in. This probably causes much concern amongst my friends and family. Sure we’ve had disagreements (as you do in any important relationship) when the internet was acting up, Hulu Plus wouldn’t load or Netflix wasn’t feeling up to it, but nothing can top watching the UMass Amherst a capella group doing their Disney Medley or seeing Andy tell Ron about the meat tornado on your TV, any time, day or night with just the click of a remote. Right?

I thought so, until last week when I got a kindle for my birthday. I never thought I’d be one for a kindle, until I realized that my propensity for literary ADD could be easily managed with a device that kept several books in one lightweight package. I’m not saying I hate physical books or that I don’t like the feel and smell of real books and the memories that come with them. But, the convenience of my kindle already has me reading more than ever.

I’m finally starting to work my way down the very long reading list I’ve been putting together ever since I started my current job that doesn’t always allow much time for reading. Now I’m wishing I could read all day. I can’t get enough. I’m already deep into Packing for Mars by Mary Roach (my favorite), underway in The Atomic Times by Michael Harris and getting started on Beer Is Proof God Loves Us by Charles Bamforth (I may be slightly obsessed with non-fiction works).

And now I’m posed with a dilemma. Which do I love more? The more I watch shows and movies on my Roku, the less time I’ll have to read on my kindle. And vice versa. Looks like the only solution is to follow in Paul’s footsteps and live the dual life. Roku + kindle + kelly = best friends forever.

What gadgets are you in love with? And what are you reading (kindle or not)?

Note: Nobody paid me to write nice things about the Roku or Kindle, but if they wanted to, they totally could (wink, wink). I just really love my gadgets. Also, if you’re Mary Roach and you want to hang out, teach me things and be my new best friend, I’m okay with that too (sorry to all my old BFFs, it was nice while it lasted).

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